5:30 AM…Can I Just Go Back to Sleep?


If I had been writing and keeping up with our blog over the past couple of years, I would have covered this about 10 months ago. This is not at all new, and therefore, I fear it may be a bit boring. However, for my own preservation of memories, I need…

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So Much For That!


For the first time since blogs have been a thing (over a decade), I did not blog for a whole calendar year. Now 2014 looks like our adventures of 2014 will be forever lost in the fog of our “parents of two littles” memories. As 2015 progresses, I will make…

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More Cowbell


I don’t know what’s gotten into me. I haven’t blogged in over a year, but suddenly, I feel a bit sad that I’ve let such a gap go by without having a written documentation of the big and little life moments. I have blogged since 2002 with only this one big…

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Don’t Eat Your Wheaties

e at beach

Where did the last month go? I keep waiting for a chance to relax, and it just doesn’t seem to be in the cards for me. Earlier this month, we went to the coast with some friends from college. They meet there every summer to catch up as we all…

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Life with a Toddler


I am absolutely loving this stage. This morning, I was thinking about all the cute, sweet and funny things Elijah does, and I don’t want to forget about them, so here’s a quick list. At 14.5 months, Elijah: Dances to music, especially country music Says b-b-b for birds Bubba = Beni/Bubbie (sometimes any dog)…

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Working Mom: The Past Week

We have had a rough week. We had Elijah in an in-home daycare just around the corner from our house. It started out as a wonderful arrangement, but the past few weeks just seemed off. Elijah started crying during drop off and pick up again (he had stopped after 3…

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