Working Mom: The Past Week

We have had a rough week. We had Elijah in an in-home daycare just around the corner from our house. It started out as a wonderful arrangement, but the past few weeks just seemed off. Elijah started crying during drop off and pick up again (he had stopped after 3 weeks). He seemed really clingy, and the woman caring for him said he was fussier than he had been.

With her, it was a yo-yo. I could have sworn she was two different people. Example: She texted me to say that Elijah hadn’t eaten or drank anything for breakfast and that he had a bit of an upset tummy (ahem, diaper). John and I decided to call the doctor, and the doctor was not too concerned. She just wanted him to drink something. After arranging to leave work early or get John back from Austin early, his daycare provider told us “oh, Elijah is fine! He’s happy and playing.” Ok…then why did you text me at work and say he wasn’t feeling well and suggest I call the doctor? There were countless instances like this. (I should have known when on his first day, she said he had an ear infection. My instinct said he didn’t. An expensive trip to the after-hours pediatric clinic proved I was right, and poor Elijah had to get his ear irrigated for nothing.)

After a rather ridiculously blown out of proportion ordeal last week, we decided to withdraw Elijah from her care. I had just arrived at work on Thursday, and turned back around to go pick him up. I had had a terrible feeling about leaving him there that day, and even the daycare provider asked me (when dropping him off) “why do you continue to bring him here?” It was heart-wrenching to drop him off that day, so I drove the 30 minutes back there to pick him up and got him settled with John’s mom at our house. I went back to work and worked the rest of the day. On Friday, John took care of Elijah until he had to go to Austin for his final, and my mom took care of Elijah. Today, Elijah’s Aunt Sarah is taking care of him while John takes his last final at UT Austin. John will then be at home full time with Elijah until June, when they both start school.

I have been reassured by Elijah’s behavior over the last few days that we made the right decision. I just feel terrible that he was less than happy.

I’m also just having a hard day. I really miss my boys and don’t want to be at work today.

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  1. Sorry you had a bad experience with child care. It’s awful when you know it’s less than stellar. I hope you find something great for all of you in the fall. How cool that John will be able to stay home with Elijah and have some good male-bonding. It’s hard being a working mom. You’ll find balance and good care and it’ll work out. Praying for a favorable solution for you!

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