Life with a Toddler

I am absolutely loving this stage. This morning, I was thinking about all the cute, sweet and funny things Elijah does, and I don’t want to forget about them, so here’s a quick list. At 14.5 months, Elijah:

  • Dances to music, especially country music
  • Says b-b-b for birds
  • Bubba = Beni/Bubbie (sometimes any dog)
  • Dances for Mickey Mouse and love the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song
  • Gives lots of kisses
  • Shrieks for noise a cat makes
  • Can point to his ears, nose, eyes, hair, mouth, cheeks, tongue, tummy, belly button, knees and feet
  • Smacks lips when going to have “mama milk”
  • Says please often by rubbing his hands together (came up with the sign on his own)
  • Already likes to say no (shakes head back and forth) a lot
  • Cries when going to school but also cries when I take him home (he has a great time there!)
  • Loves airplanes, motorcycles, trucks and “diggers”
  • Enjoys pointing out all the bugs outside. He likes to wave to them. He particularly likes bees.
  • Saw a construction crew outside of his Aunt Stephanie’s house and thought it was so cool
  • Did incredibly well on first road trip (San Antonio to Dallas)
  • Loves the drums
  • Likes to pretend to talk on the phone (will use anything for a phone — favorite is a TV remote)
  • Plays very well with Beni; likes to give kisses and thinks it’s hilarious when we let him “ride” on Beni
  • Every time he sees a horse, he rocks back and forth like his rocking horse
  • LOVES the moon (“muh!”)
  • Food preferences: yogurt, cheese (cottage cheese, cheddar, Swiss, feta, any!), bread, nutella, chocolate, pizza, spaghetti, beans (refried, black, whatever), ground beef, green beans, peaches, strawberries, applesauce, banana pudding, sausage, Ritz crackers, grapes (purple)
  • Will make truck noises when playing with cars
  • Can make sounds for elephants and lions/bears/dinosaurs (those are all the same)
  • When asked what a monkey says, he’ll round his lips but not make any noise
  • Can whistle and also knows how to use the wooden train whistle (says something kind of like “choo choo” for train)
  • Can follow two step commands (“find your football and bring it to Mommy”)
  • Loves to say Papa
  • Loves playing with his cousin Emma (and needs to see his other cousins more!!)
  • Cut 4 molars within 14 days…ouch
  • Can climb up all the stairs to the second floor of our house in about a minute. Scary!
  • Is on the verge of walking. Stands a lot on his own, but no walking yet — still is an expert crawler
  • Has a blast playing in the kiddie pool in our backyard

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