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When I wrote our initial “About SoJo” section, we were homesick for the States. In the ensuing years, we grew to adore Germany. When we moved back to Texas in May of 2012, we began a six-month struggle with homesickness. We wanted to go back to Germany so badly. Now, just over a year from the day we moved back to Texas, we are pretty well-accustomed to live back in the States; however, we still have moments where we really miss Germany, and we would move back if we were given the opportunity.

Now for the biggest news since 2009 – our family expanded! We welcomed our sweet baby boy Elijah into the world in March 2011, and he joined our first “kid,” our dog, Beni, a yellow lab. Elijah has been the perfect addition to our family, and I love watching him grow and learn. I am really loving toddlerhood, but I know I won’t love the temper tantrums that are most certainly right around the corner. For now, though, I will treasure his sweet hugs, precious smiles and infectious giggles.

We are older now, and I know only three years have passed since I wrote our bio, but we are very different. I wish we had more time to be silly and explore our interests. Right now, though, we are so busy with moving into our first house, trying to get John through school and just trying to manage. I do hope that one day soon we will get to have a little more fun and deal with a little less “business.”

Ok, that’s all for now. Hopefully I will come up with a better bio before another three years passes us by.

Early 2009 :

We’re a newlywed couple temporarily living in Germany while our hearts are back in Texas. We miss all our family and friends and plan on moving back just as soon as we can.

We’re both Longhorns and watch the Horns play football whenever the games air here (which is sporadically) or we can get a good connection on our Slingbox.

We love the brilliant fall colors that are foreign to Texans.

We are trying to find a good community to fellowship with here.

And every day, we’re learning how to better reflect God’s love for the church through our marriage.

Now, for a few specifics about us:


John loves music. You can often find him tinkering with one of his 2 guitars (or his Guitar Hero game), singing a song that’s stuck in his head (or the one he’s making up as he goes), or tapping out a rhythm on any hard surface. In fact, his younger sister gave him a djembe in December 2008, and he gave quite a concert in my family’s study. I think our oldest niece is his biggest fan.

John also loves to cook. He conjures up great meals like chicken cordon bleu with brussel sprout hash or homemade Hawaiian pizza on honey wheat dough.

Both of us love to travel, and while we’re in Europe, we’re doing our best to visit as many places as we can afford. Check out our travel page to see where all we have been!


Sarah loves to organize. She would eventually like to work in event management, but that will have to wait until we move back to the States. In the meantime, she is working for an IT company in the defense sector. Sarah also loves photography, dance, quilting, knitting and other creative endeavors.

She also loves to bake, which goes well with John’s love for cooking!

That’s all for now, but we’ll try to keep this section updated accordingly…oh, one last thing. We love comments, so please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts/comments with us on our blog posts.

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  1. Liked your “who we are” info. A couple of pretty fantastic, interesting, and wonderful people to know! 🙂
    Love you

  2. Hi Sarah!
    I happened to visit your blog, because I follow MckMama’s blog and every Monday I randomly pick a couple of NotMe’s fromt he links below. Anyway, I picked yours and started reading when I read some German words. 🙂 I live in Innsbruck, Austria. My husband is American and I’m Austrian. We do English Outreach Camps in the summer where we get a team of Americans come to Austria and teach English (just games and fun stuff) – you don’t need to be a teacher. Anyway, since you guys happen to be in Germany (pretty close!) and seem to love our great God, and I “happened” to find your blog, I was wondering if you guys would be interested in working with us this summer. We don’t know you at all, but I thought I’d ask. I also read in your blog that you can’t wait to get back to the States, but maybe you are still in Europe in the summer. Just wondering! If this is not interesting for you at all, that’s ok. I just wanted to ask. 🙂 Feel free to write to me on my email adress above. You can also check out our webpage.
    Take care and God bless,


    P.S. As a matter of fact, Lermoos is very close to one of our camp locations – we do 3 weeks in Reutte.

  3. HOWDY!!! (Ok, we are Aggies, but I figured you would still like to hear some Texas words:) Small world . . . I found you on the “Not Me” list today. Saw that y’all have Austin Stone Church listed – Kevin Peck is good friends of my husband and David Barrett (who just joined them) is also very dear friends – – – all from A&M. What a great experience y’all are having in Europe – hope you are enjoying your time, but I am sure it will be wonderful to get back home. God’s Blessings to y’all – may you be a bright light in the dark. And may you rest in God’s hands as He carries you thru this adventure.
    Gig ‘EM! 🙂 ~Carri Dawn

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