So Much For That!

For the first time since blogs have been a thing (over a decade), I did not blog for a whole calendar year. Now 2014 looks like our adventures of 2014 will be forever lost in the fog of our “parents of two littles” memories.

As 2015 progresses, I will make this a more regular place to post our adventures, though be warned that our lives today are a far cry from the carefree, kid-free years of roaming Central Europe.

I am a little afraid to admit how mundane our days seem now when compared to weekend camping trips to Switzerland and excursions to wine and asparagus festivals…ok, maybe asparagus festivals weren’t interesting to the rest of the world, but being surrounded by fields of asparagus crops makes people a bit more excited about sharing in the harvest.

In any event, I do have a lot to document as we move forward with 2015, which we have dubbed the year of new beginnings.


  1. Welcome back! I think I posted two last year. You are not alone!

  2. i relate! I’m so afraid I’ll forget most of what’s happening now because I have no time to document it in any way. Looking forward to more posts from you!

    • I know! And parenthood kind of seems to destroy brain cells, so I am certain I have forgotten about half of the kids’ childhood thus far.

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